Transnational Law, (in cooperation with the subject jurisprudence, and within the framework of the research project Global Law, Local Lives)

with Roger Cotterrell

The Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice (SCILJ) & The Department of Law, Jurisprudence, invites you to an advanced seminar in law Tuesday 28 May 2019 with

Roger Cotterrell,
Anniversary Professor of Legal Theory,
Queen Mary University of London

on the topic of

 “The Authority of Transnational Law”


The idea that law has “spilled out” beyond the borders of the sovereign states is no longer controversial. This development, which is especially evident within areas such as trade and finance, poses new challenges for jurists. In this diverse and dynamic legal landscape, essential questions on the authority and systematization of law as well as its unifying role need to be rephrased. This calls for a broader, interdisciplinary understanding of the social dimension of law to provide guidance for jurists in order to navigate across and within a plurality of legal regimes, whether academics or practitioners. Professor Cotterrell offers compelling arguments for the importance of sociology in creating a workable theory of legal pluralism in his recent work Sociological Jurisprudence – Juristic Thought and Social Inquiry (Routledge 2018).

Professor Cotterrell will be presenting various aspects of his theory of sociological jurisprudence during the seminar.

Professor Roger Cotterrell has a wide area of expertise – educated as a lawyer as well as a sociologist. He has published extensively on the sociology of law, jurisprudence and comparative legal studies. He is also a Fellow of the British Academy and of the Academy of Social Sciences in the U.K.

Please inform Katarina Fast Lappalainen of your Participation, by Tuesday 21 May.


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