EU’s external borders and values – sovereignty, complexity and harmonisation

with Jonas Grimheden


The Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice invites you to a seminar with

Jonas Grimheden
EU’s external borders and values – sovereignty, complexity and harmonisation

Jonas Grimheden

EU’s external borders, national boundaries with important implications for states’ sovereignty, also constitute the common outposts of the European Union. This brings a high level of complexity. Contributions in this environment by the European Border and Coast Guard, Frontex, not the least through the Agency’s Standing Corps of border officers, adds additional complexities. EU law requires that human, and specifically fundamental rights, shall be ensured in European border management, this, in turn, calls for harmonisation and uniform application of rules. This area of law, with very practical application, is in need of development and clarifications in order to ensure that obligations under EU as well as international law are upheld. What can be done?

Dr Iur Jonas Grimheden heads Frontex’ Fundamental Rights Office, an independent entity within Frontex. The work relates in particular to field monitoring and analysis of practical operations with a view to advice the Agency and the EU on improvements to ensure compliance with EU and international law. Jonas has worked for 14 years for the European Union and before that as researcher and teacher in Asia, the United States and Europe. Since 2009 he is associate professor (Docent) in international human rights law at Lund University.

The workshop will take place live at the IFIM Library (C-building, 9th floor).

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