Raoul Wallenberg Talks #2: What are war crimes & crimes against humanity?

With Mark Klamberg and Sally Longworth

What are war crimes and crimes against humanity?

The daily newsfeed of events in Ukraine highlight the many and varied horrors for those living in the conflict area – including reports of potential war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed.

But what is an international crime, and how can we ensure accountability in the midst of a war?

In the video above you may listen to Professor Mark Klamberg, Stockholm University, who gives us the historical overview we need to be able to understand what can be done about the ongoing crimes in the armed conflict. Mark Klamberg is joined by PhD candidate Sally Longworth, Stockholm University, who provides a deeper discussion about the interaction between human rights and international humanitarian law in armed conflict.

Raoul Wallenberg Talks is arranged by Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Altitude Meetings, and financed by Sparbankstiftelsen Finn.