Prosecuting international crimes in Ukraine

with Douglas S Irvin-Erickson

Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice invites you to a lecture with

Douglas S Irvin-Erickson


Prosecuting international crimes in Ukraine

The Russian war in Ukraine has prompted accusations of genocide on all sides, while calls for prosecution and justice grow more forceful by the day. Because it is unlikely that any senior leader of the Russian state will ever face criminal trial, there are developments afoot to prosecute rank-and-file soldiers and Ukrainians who collaborated with Russian occupying authorities. What are the implications of such genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes prosecutions? What might domestic prosecutions of international crimes look like in Ukraine? Douglas Irvin-Erickson considers the conflicts of politics and memory at stake in efforts to bring war-time atrocities to justice, and contextualizes these conflicts over justice within the larger scope of Ukrainian history and contemporary efforts to build peace.
Douglas Irvin-Erickson is an Assistant Professor, Carter School Director of the Genocide Prevention Program, Carter School George Mason University. He has worked in the field of genocide studies and mass atrocity prevention in DR Congo, Burundi, Cambodia, Myanmar, Ukraine, and Argentina. He is the author of books, chapters, and articles on genocide, religion and violence, human security, international criminal law, and political theory. His first book is titled Raphaël Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017), and he is currently writing a second book, Dying in the Age of Thoughtlessness: Genocide, Terror, and Conflict Resolution. Irvin-Erickson is a Senior Fellow with the Alliance for Peacebuilding, a Board Member of the Institute for the Study of Genocide, and a member of the editorial board of Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal. He holds a Ph.D. in Global Affairs and an M.A. in English Literature from Rutgers University, in Newark, NJ, USA.

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