Full Protection and Security (for Racial Capitalism)

with Ntina Tzouvala


The Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice invites you to a seminar with
Ntina Tzouvala
Full Protection and Security (for Racial Capitalism)

Scholars and practitioners of international investment law have repeatedly attempted to legitimise the field by presenting it as an antidote against the arbitrary and excessive powers of the (postcolonial) state. Early cases, such as AAPL v. Sri Lanka, have contributed to this popular, yet ultimately unpersuasive, argument by seemingly constraining the conduct of warfare in the Global South. My contribution questions this received wisdom and in so doing it shows that repressive state violence is not simply permitted but mandated by international investment law in ways that are directly antithetical to struggles for racial justice both in the Global North and in the Global South. You can read her paper by clicking here.

Ntina Tzouvala is an Associate Professor at the ANU College of Law and a Global Fellow at the NUS Centre for International Law. Her work focuses on the history, theory and political economy of international law. Her first monograph, Capitalism as Civilisation: a History of International Law (Cambridge UP, 2020), was awarded the ASIL Certificate of Merit for a preeminent contribution to creative scholarship and the​ Australian Legal Research Award (ALRA) in the book category.

Daniel Astone is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University, and a junior fellow at SCILJ. The thesis “Living as a commodity: property rights, systems theory and the trade on human lives” consists of three articles and discusses the process of reflexive commodification in the context of international intellectual property.

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