Enforcing international law against armed groups: The ambivalent role of the collective security system

With Dr. Jessica Almqvist

Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice invites you to a seminar with:

Dr. Jessica Almqvist

on the topic of

Enforcing international law against armed groups: The ambivalent role of the collective security system


Present armed conflicts between governments and armed groups, including terrorist organizations, are a disturbing display of flagrant and systematic violations of international law. These situations are a reminder of the weakness of international law where it seems to matter most. The collective security system has sought to overcome, at least to some extent, the enforcement disability present in the treaty law meant to govern conduct in times of conflict. More specifically, the Security Council has taken a series of coercive measures in the form of targeted sanctions, given new mandates to its peace missions, and called for foreign military engagement. For the most part, these measures are intended to counter the illegal activities of armed groups and terrorist organizations in particular. Following an account of these developments, we will discuss their implications on the rule of law in international relations.


Dr. Jessica Almqvist is Associate Professor in Public International Law at the Autónoma University in Madrid and Senior Research Fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies. Holds a Ph.D. in law from the European University Institute (2002) and a Jur. Kand from Lund University (1993).


Dr Almqvist has been a research at Columbia Law School (1998/1999), the Center on International Cooperation (PICT project), the Foundation for International Relations and External Dialogue (FRIDE) in Madrid, and Center for Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC), also in Madrid. Has taught inter alia at the New School for Social Research, NYU Law School, China-EU School of Law, Law Faculty at the Rome University (La Sapienza), Spanish Diplomatic School and the Ortega & Gasset Institute in Madrid. She has published books, articles and policy-papers with a focus on the role of international, regional and national courts in protecting human rights in times of diversity, while fighting terrorism and in transitions from conflict to peace and democracy. Dr. Almqvist’s recent research focuses on international responses to failures to protect civilians in present armed conflicts.